H.E.R. And Skip Marley's Chemistry Makes Even The Subway Look Romantic In 'Slow Down'

Stand clear of the cuddling couple, please

Ah, can you smell the romance in the air? Skip Marley and H.E.R can. One listen to their sultry, rose-scented collaboration "Slow Down" makes it clear that even though we're still more than a month out from Valentine's Day, this team-up will put you in the mood. The mood to cuddle up on the couch after exchanging ridiculously expensive gifts bought just moments before coming over.

The reggae-influenced "Slow Down" directly precedes a first kiss as both artists converse with each other about getting just a little bit closer. And in the video, which dropped recently, that closeness becomes tangible — after a lot of long, lingering looks across the room.

The narrative her is one of desire. Marley sees H.E.R., H.E.R. sees Marley, but they don't talk. They just make eyes at a restaurant and at a green-hued party until eventually they dance together. That's when things really open up. The rest of the gorgeously shot clip (which expertly manages to capture both the grit and beauty of a massive gray sky over Harlem, as well as the New York City subway) is sheer joy, the spark of a recently lit romantic flame.

"Slow Down" precedes the release of Skip Marley's forthcoming album that's set to drop sometime soon. He revealed in an interview with iHeartRadio last year that the project will be a "fusion" of reggae and more. H.E.R., meanwhile, is nominated for five Grammys — including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year — at the 2020 awards. We'll find out if she wins on January 26.

She also brought her song "Slide" to Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday night (January 6). Check that out below, then get lost in the romantic visual for "Slow Down" up above.