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Zendaya Wants Moms To Know She Does Not Star In 13 Reasons Why

'I'm on Euphoria, darling'

Listen up, moms of the world. Zendaya has something she'd like you to know. Listen up, gather 'round, and get close. You ready? Here goes: she doesn't star in 13 Reasons Why.

Now, here's factual information you can spread. Zendaya is one of the stars of HBO's Euphoria. Consider this an important lesson in recognizing celebrities that you can pass on to other parents and family members you may need to educate on the subject. Class dismissed.

One Zendaya fan's mom saw the actress while hanging out in Oakland, California (Zendaya's hometown) for the holidays, a moment which presumably Jordan (@HoodieJello0_) posted to Twitter. How could you not share such a moment?

"Bruh my mom saw Zendaya in Oakland and.....bruh. I'm weak," he wrote. The actual video is super charming.

The mom posed alongside Zendaya, cheerfully calling out "Hi Jordan! Guess who it is? Your girl from the show 13 Reasons!" Zendaya waved cheerfully, but was quick to correct the confused mama.

"Oh, I'm not on that show," Zendaya quickly replied, before collapsing into laughter. "I'm on Euphoria, darling!" Jordan's mom began to apologize profusely, as the two shared a lighthearted moment.

"I'm sorry! I said the wrong show," the mom giggled. All was well, and Zendaya was totally chill about the whole thing.

Naturally, the clip went viral because of how adorable and pure it is. Now,Β that special mom is just soaking up her newfound internet fame. Just look at her face lighting up in this follow-up tweet!

"My moms appreciates the love y’all ❀️ appreciate everybody being respectful about it and @Zendaya for being coo about it πŸ˜…," he wrote.

We have to stan a polite but firm queen. Oh, and while you're at it, go watch Euphoria so you can get caught up. It's officially been renewed for a second season, which is set to debut this year. All hail 2020, which is already getting off to a great start.