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Lana Del Rey Pleads For Sister's Stolen Artwork To Be Returned, 'No Questions Asked'

'The work we lost can't be reproduced'

Lana Del Rey revealed to fans on Thursday night (December 26) that important mementos were stolen from her family this holiday break. Among the items taken were work-related items belonging to her sister, photographer Chuck Grant.

Lana's announcement came via a note posted to Twitter. "This week, family mementos including my sister's entire retrospective were taken," she wrote. "I'd love to encourage whoever took it to please consider sending any of the scans of her previous work back to us for a no questions asked reward."

She ended the note by letting the world know how serious the situation is. "The work we lost can't be reproduced and exists nowhere but where it was," she wrote.

Grant's photography has been a part of Lana's artistry for years. Grant's worked on photoshoots for albums such as Ultraviolence,  Lust for Life, and most recently, Norman Fucking Rockwell!, in which she took the photo for the cover.

Check out Lana's announcement of the situation up above.