Sneak Peek: Kamie Says This Catfish Case Is 'A Very Dangerous Thing'

The matter at hand is urgent -- but why?

Jalissa and Red have been in a relationship for six years, so why do they need the help of sleuths Nev and Kamie?

In an extended sneak peek of Catfish, returning on January 8, the MTV mystery specialists are trying to crack the truth regarding the long-distance lovers. But first, how did the case get to this point? Well, according to Red's pal Janae (who wrote to Nev and Kamie), her friend is "totally getting Catfished."

"[Jalissa is] a woman she's never met or Factetimed with, but after six years she refuses to see it," Nev reveals via Janae.

But why does Kamie declare "this is a very dangerous thing" -- and why must she and Nev act quickly to resolve the matter at hand? Watch the video, and do not miss the premiere of Catfish on Wednesday at 8/7c!