Don't Get Too Upset, But Baby Yoda Isn't In The Rise Of Skywalker

J.J. Abrams himself confirmed the heartrending news

As much as the world loves Baby Yoda (and trying to work out his origins), don't get your hopes up for more of The Child outside of The Mandalorian.

Filmmaker J.J. Abrams just dashed dreams across the galaxy when he spoke to Variety at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's Los Angeles premiere on Monday night (December 16). He didn't miss a beat when confirming to reporters that, unfortunately, Baby Yoda wouldn't get a role in the latest Star Wars film.

"Baby Yoda is not in the movie," he confirmed, as the sound of a million hearts breaking rang out across the globe. It really isn't fair. But not all was lost, as J.J. at least acknowledged how ridiculously cute the Baby is, calling him the "cutest thing in the history of time."

"How can you deny Baby Yoda?" he asked of the furry green child. "You can’t." Perhaps you literally can't, as one Star Wars fan posited in our recent rundown of Baby Yoda theories. It's possible that the Child is using some sort of mind control to make everyone love it. And that's not fair, but also...we're not mad about it.

But even while Baby Yoda won't be making an appearance in the thrilling conclusion to the Star Wars films, there's still plenty to be excited for. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is about to make its debut on Friday (December 20) and it's going to be an exciting time for fans. You'll barely have time to miss The Child when contemplating the end of the journey and fawning over how cool Rey and company are in the movie.

The Mandalorian hopefully doesn't mark the end of Baby Yoda's career, though. There's still so much we need answered, and so many more broth-sipping moments that need to transpire. We're holding out hope that there's more for the little critter long after the series ends.