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Selena Gomez Could 'Cry' Thinking About Listening To Her New Music With Taylor Swift

'She played it and her and her mom just started crying. Like, just tears and tears and all of a sudden, it stopped.'

With less than one month to go until the release of Selena Gomez's new album, Rare, fans are extremely eager to hear her new sound. And although fans haven't had a chance to hear the album yet, there are a few lucky folks who've heard either all or some of it, including the "Lose You to Love Me" singer's best friend, Taylor Swift.

In a new interview with KISS UK, published today (December 17), Gomez opened up about sharing some of her new music with Swift and her family and what a special, full-circle moment it was. "I'll never forget when I did play the video for 'Lose You to Love Me' and 'Look at Her Now' at her house with her parents, and it was one of the coolest experiences," Gomez said. "I've been friends with her for over a decade and love her family as well so I was like, 'Do you want to just maybe see the video?'"

According to Gomez, Swift set the mood by shutting off every light in the kitchen, which only made the whole experience even more emotional — especially for Swift's mom, Andrea. "I was like, 'This is not that intense, Taylor.' And then she played it and her and her mom just started crying. Like, just tears and tears and all of a sudden, it stopped."

Even thinking about that night, and thinking about Swift's mom crying, makes Gomez emotional. "It's going to make me cry thinking about it because it wasn't about how great the song was — which is a lot, coming from her — it was just that they had been on that journey with me intimately, and they were crying because of how proud they were for me stepping into a whole new era of my life and it not involving the horrible things — the abuse, the emotional chaos."

For Swift and her family, the "Look at Her Now" singer's new music represented growth, and in many ways, their positive response was the reassurance she needed. "It felt like I had a huge sigh of relief and to see her and her mom feel that way, it was very sweet," she said. "It's like an older sister and an aunt proud of their [friend]. It felt great to have people I love see it as that."

Rare is set to drop on January 10, 2020, and if Swift and her mom's emotional and heartfelt reactions are any indication, we are not ready.