Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Camila Cabello And DaBaby Bring A Schoolyard Strut To 'My Oh My' On Fallon

And then DaBaby splits, probably to go record another feature

One of the standout cuts on Camila Cabello's new album Romance is a playful slice of reggaeton-inspired pop called "My Oh My." On it, Cabello clears room to inhabit a sexier persona, one who's "only here for one thing," just like the object of her affection. But a huge part of its appeal is a laser-attack verse from DaBaby, naturally, who is having a 2019 unlike pretty much anybody else.

The way music gets made now — collaborators working via email, artists appearing on tracks together despite never having met in person – means we don't often get to see the actual partnerships between charismatic talents. But for this, the late-night TV frontier is a salve. Case in point: Cabello and DaBaby absolutely vibing on The Tonight Show on Thursday night (December 12) as they bring "My Oh My" to choreographed life.

Most of the performance is Cabello, clad in a short school skirt and armed with two backup dancers, strutting and selling the devilish drama of the song's lyrics. When DaBaby pops in — to deliver an infectious flow that somehow mirrors the instrumental and caffeinates it further — it's just for a moment. Then he bolts, leaving Cabello (and a truly expert squad of dancers who elevate the whole enterprise) to bring the tune home with some impressive vocal runs at centerstage.

DaBaby rejoins after the song wraps; in the approximately minute and a half he was offstage, he could've conceivably recorded another feature on a whole other song for a different artist. The dude's 2019 feature credits are absolutely clown shoes, numbering into the high 30s. And we've still got 18 days left before 2020 — who knows how many he could squeeze in before then.

"My Oh My" is already a fan favorite from Cabello's Romance, one you should listen to especially when you're feeling a bit rebellious. No matter how you're feeling now, watch her and DaBaby's brief but palpable chemistry in the performance clip above.