From Bros To Blows: Should Jeremiah Have Had Gus' Back On Floribama Shore?

Jerigus could be history

Jeremiah's Southern bromance with Gus might be little more than a distant memory.

On tonight's MTV Floribama Shore drama escalated quickly and culminated with a physical altercation between the (former?) bro besties. But let's be real -- with Gus fresh off a breakup with Lisa, tensions were already high in St. Pete.

For starters, an oceanside conversation about the status of Gilsa put a newly single Gus on the defense when Jeremiah started doling out unsolicited fatherly advice: "You have to control the situation, not allow her to control the situation," the Jacksonville native firmly suggested. "That's what happened last summer. No disrespect to you, dog, I'm just telling it like it is."

Later, in the ultimate Floribama foreshadowing, Gus and Codi called it when they felt a little tingle in their "hog senses." (Southern speak: A fight's about to erupt.) And that's exactly what broke out when ex-hunchmates and former friends with benefits Gus and Nilsa each brought home a girl and guy. Namely, the result of one not-so-nice generalization from Nilly's boy toy: "Florida dudes are straight garbage."

Naturally, Gus took the remark as a personal insult, and a shoving match broke out -- as a less-than-thrilled Jeremiah looked on in between mouthfuls of pizza.

"This was supposed to be a fun night, and the fact that Gus made it so f*cking serious to where he made a guy want to fight him? It's bullsh*t, and I feel like I'm the person that has to handle it because nobody else will," he said.

Jeremiah then attempted to go after the Floribama newb and "handle it," which Gus wasn't having. ("Jeremiah, if you go and comfort that motherf*cker, then I'm done with you too.")

And that's when Jeremiah hulked out and went after Gus, leaving our jaws on the floor and Gus questioning his Floribama friend's loyalty.

Should Jeremiah have supported his pal, despite their tiff being over "some petty bullsh*t"? Sound off with your thoughts, then catch the Jerigus aftermath next Thursday at 8/7c.