Camila Cabello Belted Out Billie Eilish's 'Evil Young Boy'

'I'm an evil boy, ghosts'

Camila Cabello tackled one of Billie Eilish's biggest hits on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Everyone knows "bad guy," right? It's impossible to ignore, as it's basically taken over the radio in the past few months. But did you know there was a secret remix floating around that has totally different lyrics? Oh, yes. It's by Google Translate, a rising star you may have heard of.

Kidding of course, but you may not have known that running a song that's already in English through the automatic translation machine that is Google Translate will result in some hilarious lyrics. Basically, it works to find synonyms of each word since there isn't another language to draw from. It's a common internet pastime to run English phrases through the translator tool and giggle over the nonsensical lines it comes up with.

Jimmy Fallon had Camila Cabello tackle a translated track with Billie's "bad guy," which turned into a hilarious shell of its former self. The lyrics really have to be seen to be believed.

Some of the "translated" lines now include “Comfort, Demi’s nose wears a shirt" instead of “White shirt now red, my bloody nose." But one of the best lines might be the switch from "Think you’re so criminal" to "What if you did some crimes?” What if?

It's really hard to choose the funniest lyric of all, especially when "Your mom gets kind of weird" replaces "Make your mama sad type.” Mom, stop being so weird!

The pair explored additional Google Translated songs, with Jimmy taking on Smash Mouth's "All Star" in the form of the side-splitting "Hot Ball."

"Hey now, you’re an all-star," was transformed into "Ahoy, you're the hot ball." Those lyrics kind of slap, TBH. Now, if you'll excuse us, we'll be singing the "new and improved "bad guy." Ghosts!