[Spoiler] Just Got Voted Off Peak Of Love

Find out which single was sent back to the Great White North

Daniel came to Ex on the Beach as a bachelorette -- and much to no one's surprise the Canadian left the peak of love with the very same relationship status. But if you're looking for "a Canadian who can pour maple syrup all over himself," he's avail (and in Vancouver).

Back to tonight's brand-new episode: The chalet was thrown for a loop when Nicole's "f*cking crazy" ex Laurel delivered a devilish message that at the next Ice Ceremony, one of the singles would be iced out of the house. Another twist: Everyone would have a say -- not just the core group who arrived on day one.

"I have the power for once -- equal rights for everyone!" Georgia's former flame Niall quipped.

Jokes aside, the OGs made their respective pleas to remain in New Zealand -- except for Daniel.

"I'm not campaigning," he told his former gal Sydney and her new interest (you guessed it!) Nicole. But when he was solo in the confessional, he admitted he was worried due to his "lack of connections."

And when the ice cubes chips were revealed, his hunch was spot on, and he did not receive a rose (aka he was sent back to the Great White North).

"This time, it didn't happen for me. Maybe the next show," he declared, after receiving seven votes (Allie got five). "At least I know my ex is definitely not my next."

Were you hoping Daniel would stay on the peak of love, or was it his time to go? Give your take in the comments, and keep watching Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love every Thursday at 8/7c!