Reunion Reveal: Rogan Was DM'ing This Competitor Before War Of The Worlds 2

And we're not talking about Dee

First-time Challenge winner Rogan may have had an eye on the prize when he entered War of the Worlds 2, but it turns out his other one was very much fixated on another cast member. And we don’t mean Dee.

Yep, while Rogan and Dee spent most of Season 34 in each other’s arms (and, on one occasion, at each other’s throats), it was Nany who first drew Rogan’s interest, and in the reunion clip below, a deleted scene — in which Rogan confesses to Paulie that “I like Nany” — blows up the Brit’s spot.

And Nany’s quick to corroborate.

“Before we went on the season, Rogan slid into my DMs, and I was all about it,” she says. “And then the very first night, he hooked up with Dee. Dee and I were cool, I looked at her like my girl…That was never a line I was going to cross.”

“There was never a point in time where I ever showed any interest,” Nany continues in an effort to placate Dee. “We never talked.”

Still, the crush proves to be less than harmless, and Dee began to cry as she sees Rogan talking behind her back for the first time in the unaired conversation.

“That sucks to see,” she says. “That f*cking sucks…I had no idea [he liked Nany].”

Still, after considering all that they’d been through, Dee says she and Rogan are cool.

“You’re my friend before anything else,” Dee says to Rogan. “I will always have your back, even though you clearly didn’t have mine.”

Are you shocked Rogan had an eye for Nany, particularly when he and Dee became such an item? Share your thoughts in the comments.