'Stuck In The Middle': Young And Pregnant's Kiaya Contemplates Her Future With Teazha And X’Zayveon

A visit with her baby daddy stirred a whirlwind of emotions

Kiaya and X’Zayveon had a big first during tonight's Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant episode: The young mother took their newborn boy Amour to meet his dad in prison. And the "intense" visit, which was not filmed, made Kiaya ponder the future with both girlfriend Teazha and X’Zayveon.

But first, how did the father-son duo interact?

"Amour smiled when he saw his dad -- it was kind of sad leaving," Kiaya told her cousin Trinyhti.

And while the trio was together, Zay -- who has another four years of his sentence -- confessed he wanted to get back together with Kiaya when he is released.

"He wants a family," Kiaya stated. "He never had no family before, and he wants his son to have a family."

Even though Kiaya explained that she was with Teazha, Zay wasn't deterred from asking, "What do you think will be better for [Amour]?" However, the interaction didn't make Kiaya feel any less torn about her current situation with Teazha (the couple has been fighting, after all).

"Any decision I make is going to be the wrong decision to somebody," she said. "So I always feel stuck in the middle. I don't know how to balance it, because she is always going to feel like he comes first."

Kiaya concluded the candid chat with a difficult confession about Teazha (the women reconciled after X'Zayveon went to jail and Kiaya was pregnant).

"There's a part of me that wishes that we never got back together because it wouldn't be so hard trying to figure out what I'm doing," she said, as tears rolled down her face.

What will Kiaya ultimately decide? What do you think is best for her? Give us your take on the situation, then keep watching Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant every Tuesday at 9/8c.