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Carly Rae Jepsen's Tiny Desk Concert Is Probably The Most Joyous One Ever

She played three 'Dedicated' cuts with a wide grin and awesome dance moves

There aren't too many sources of joy on super-sucky Monday mornings when the weekend is more than 100 hours away and you won't see your bed until after your evening commute home from the office. So to start the work week off on its best foot, you should probably check out Carly Rae Jepsen's joyous new Tiny Desk Concert performance that will leave you grinning from ear-to-ear – just as Jepsen herself does throughout the show.

Bringing three songs from her fourth studio album, Dedicatedthat dropped in May, Jepsen increases the peace and makes your day just a tad brighter. The sun will shine before you know it.

Jepsen started things off with "Now That I Found You" in vibrant spirits. Her extremely happy and stripped-back rendition felt like making it to work early and finding out that you actually have the day off. Jepsen smiled as she looked around the room and to her supporting instrumentalists, gauging their excitement in comparison to hers. Her energy was infectious as she began to really feel the song, dancing like she had no care in the world. These are definitely some moves that you'll want to break out on the dance floor.

"Want You in My Room" began with a wide-eyed body roll, courtesy of Jepsen who couldn't help but let loose. The lively number was the perfect opportunity to turn the entire group's warm smiles into wide grins. After stopping for a spell to take off her jacket and get a sip of water, she settled in for a relaxing number, "The Sound." The wild dances continued, but slightly more reserved and muted. By the end, she was practically out of breath, having given her all to the show. It's safe to say that everyone involved left with a smile on their face.

Watch Jepsen's awesomely happy Tiny Desk Concert performance up above.