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Coldplay Want To Play With Your Emotions In Two New Songs

'Daddy' And 'Champion of the World' offer two drastically different experiences

It's almost time for Coldplay to release their forthcoming double album, Everyday Lifeon November 22, so ahead of its release, it makes sense to share two more songs from the project: "Daddy" and "Champion of the World." Both dropped on Wednesday (November 20).

"Daddy" comes with an adorably animated video that follows a girl on the ultimate boat trip, while "Champion of the World" is a testament to being the best that you can be. They make the anticipation for the new release even higher.

"Daddy" is a slow and stirring song about a kid's relationship with a father. Spoiler alert: It's not good. The star of the show is a nameless girl in a pink hat, floating inside of a boat in a beautiful animated sea where buildings drop out of the sky without warning. She looks scared as she sits in the boat and watches a kite sail by. Picking it up, she sends it into the air, looking for a response. She eventually rides the kite back from the air to her boat where she's peacefully asleep and we're left wondering if the entire sequence was just a dream. It ends with her washing ashore and grabbing the hand of her dad.

"Champion of the World" is a slightly more vibrant affair that immediately raises your spirits. With a relaxing groove and disembodied, spiritual voices howling in the background, band leader Chris Martin and his bandmates create the environment to encourage you to "stand before conquistadors" and become the best of the competition. It's the perfect tune to invigorate you without making you amped to do five sets in the gym.

Check out the video for "Daddy" and listen to "Champion of the World" up above.