Friend-Zoned: These Romantic Rejections From MTV Floribama Shore Still Make Us Cringe

Codi and Candace? We're wincing

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Don't hunch date your roommate... because it always gets complicated.

The latest MTV Floribama Shore dashed any dreams of a Codi-Candace romance after the latter sat her guy lights-rockin' roomie down for some real talk. In a nutshell? Codi got friend-zoned over shrimp -- which might not be such a bad thing if you'll recall last summer's Gilsa rollercoaster.

This also isn't the first time one of our Floribama friends got somewhat awkwardly rejected. So without further ado, read on for a few of the series' more cringe-worthy "let's just be friends" let-downs, kicking off with Candi.

  • Codi and Candace

    After Candace invited the notorious twerker to lunch, Codi didn't waste any time telling his longtime crush that he likes her "like that." And Candace definitely didn't beat around the bush in shooting him down. "I'm in a space where I'm in a new house, we're in a new city, and I just want to be single for right now," she said. Though Codi claimed he was "totally fine with that," he promptly started sweating and immediately ran to go puke. Either it was disappointment coming up through his guts -- or knocking a few too many back the night before with the dollar-draft-beer people.

  • Jeremiah and Kortni

    These two were the first to go out, but it might have been the strangest (and douchiest) date in the history of ever. Jeremiah asked out "Krazy Kortni" following her bed-wetting incident, but he never seemed romantically interested. When she was confused about his request to split the check, he oh-so-sweet replied: "Did I stutter?" The next day, the "friends" talk ensued, as initiated by the Southern gent: "You're a really cool person to hang out with, and I don't want anything lingering." The ironic thing is that this was the first of two times that Kortni got friend-zoned by the Jacksonville native.

  • Gus and Nilsa

    Following weeks of on-again, off-again FWB status, Gus and Nilsa finally decided to call it quits. (This came after the duo got their hunch on only for the future Fabio to hook up with another girl less than two days later. Ouch.) Despite Gus' post-fling faux pas, Nilly wasn't quite ready to let go. "So what now?" she asked. "No more snuggling, kissing, holding hands, nothing? If you don't see a future with me, that's okay. I'll move on." (Let the record state that this particular friend zone led right back to flirting just days later.) But after Gus' recent breakup with Lisa, we can't say for sure whether or not these two will find themselves right back in more-than-friends territory.

Which friend-zone chat do you think was the most painful to watch? Sound off with your thoughts, then catch the Gus-Lisa aftermath next Thursday at 8/7c.