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Nick Jonas Says The Jonas Brothers Had 'No Intention' Of Reuniting

We have their 'Chasing Happiness' documentary to thank

The Jonas Brothers have been on a seemingly endless "rollercoaster" this year (pun intended). Not only did they reunite after a six-year hiatus with their fifth studio album, Happiness Begins, back in June, but they also released a full-length documentary, Chasing Happiness, which chronicled their reconciliation. Now, in the midst of finishing up the first leg of their massively successful tour, Nick Jonas stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss the band's healed relationship, and how reuniting was totally not on their to-do list.

"This has been quite the crazy year for the family," Nick said on today's episode (November 14). "You know, just a year ago right now we had just started recording music together again, and looking a year later, we're finishing up the first leg of a crazy tour, and also the album Happiness Begins." What they've done in a year's time is truly incredible, but the singer actually attributes the JoBros' reconciliation to their Amazon documentary. "It all started with a documentary, which was called Chasing Happiness, which was kind of just to tell our story of our childhood," he said.

Had it not been for that documentary, the brothers might not have reunited at all — or at least according to Nick. "We had really no intention of getting the band back together," he said. "But after filming for a little while and kind of healing some of those family wounds that were there from our years of working together in the past, we were able to look at this with a fresh view and really, all in different ways, find our happiness."

Chasing Happiness, in many ways, forced Nick, Joe, and Kevin to face their brotherly problems head on. "There was no intention to come back and do this again at the beginning, but when we actually just sat down and did the hard work that most family's have to do, you know, we all go through things with the people we love, and whether it's the family you choose or it's your blood, you've got to go through it, and we did."

Now, Nick says he and his brothers are "in the best place" of their lives. "We're all married, [Kevin's] got two kids, and it's a beautiful time," he said. "I think we're all really grateful and aware of how unique it is, and so it's just been special." Still, there is one thing that could pose a threat to the future of the band. When asked if his star-studded family would be down for a reality show, Nick quipped, "I think the band might break up again." Yeah, let's not do that. Not again.