YouTube/Kanye West

Kanye West And His Dad Bond Over Gigantic Tires In 'Follow God'

They take to the snowy dirt of Wyoming in off-road vehicles

Kanye West hangs out with his dad in the new video for "Follow God," and it's an awesome reminder that family bonding time makes for great entertainment. The pair crunch snow beneath their boots and vehicle tires as they solemnly drive across snowy terrain in Wyoming. That's all there is to it – no mechanical and monstrous vehicles, gigantic plush costumes, or green-screen motorcycle rides.

The video starts off with a monologue about what it means to be religious. Then the fun begins in a four-wheel off-road vehicle that Kanye and his dad are in, zooming over light layers of snow. Eventually, they shift over to a massive, futuristic-looking vehicle with tires that look bigger than Kanye itself.

They eventually hop out of the car and just bop to the music while Kanye laughs, happy to see his dad enjoying himself. The scene ends with a note saying that Kanye has realized that his dad is his best friend.

"Follow God" appears on Kanye's recently released album Jesus Is KingThe LP features the Clipse, Ty Dolla $ign, and more.

Watch Kanye and his dad have some old-fashioned fun in "Follow God" up above.