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Drake Takes A Trip Through Memory Lane In Funky New Remix

He sings about a lovely lady on MC Kevin O Chris's 'Ela É Do Tipo'

When Drake gets a hold of a song that he loves, he has to do the remix. It's like getting a golden ticket when he sends a verse, propelling the song, and the artist, to the kind of spotlight that continues to give over the course of their careers.

Drake's popped up again on a new song, and this time it's "Ela É Do Tipo" (translated to "She Is the Type") by Brazilian artist MC Kevin O Chris. With a floating opener and lovestruck singing by the Toronto crooner, this new version of the hit song will ring between your ears long after it cuts off.

When Drake steps up to plate at the beginning of the remix, it's like hearing a first grader sing about love in an adorable, slightly embarrassing way. "First time that I saw you I wasn't thinking of you, and I / I was just thinking of I," he longingly explains while soft notes twinkle in the background. He then reminisces about his first time with a woman that he's interested in as the beat drops into a dance floor smash.

MC Kevin O Chris comes in and picks up the pace for the absorbing, shoulder-bopping record as Drake's spirit lurks around the number, his ad-libs coming in on occasion. It's a smooth and sexy smash for club nights.

Remix King Drake hopped on a new rendition of Summer Walker's "Girls Need Love" earlier this year. In August, he released the video for "Money in the Grave" with Rick Ross.

Listen to Drake and MC Kevin O Chris's "Ela É Do Tipo" up above.