Power Couple: Are Jordan And Tori The Strongest Challenge Duo Ever?

Many have come before, but few have fought like them

Challenge Couples Goals? These days, there’s a clear answer: Tori and Jordan. But, in a long line of powerful (and romantically entangled) duos, have they officially assumed the title of most powerful pair ever?

On the latest War of the Worlds 2 episode, and after a less-than-stellar swimming performance by Kayleigh got her and partner Joss purged from the game, The Brits found themselves, once again, miles from the victors’ podium. And since it was a men’s elimination day, and Jordan the Turncoat was part of a hopelessly outnumbered alliance on a losing team, he figured — once again — he’d have to square off against The Tribunal’s pick on the Proving Ground.

And after Team U.K.’s split-second nomination ceremony, his suspicions proved to be right.

“Jordan just gets thrown under the bus, and this is kind of gonna be our season,” Tori, Jordan’s partner-in-scapegoated-crime (and new fiancée!), lamented. “We know that we’re gonna have to go into every elimination now and just pray that we come back, because at this point, nobody’s gonna side with us.”

But for the second time this season, and though he was at a massive deficit yet again, Jordan pulled off a win against a much bigger player, Josh, in “End of the Rope.” The match — a game of tug-of-war that found most of the rope hidden underground — was a Best of Five match, but it took Jordan only three rounds to send Josh packing.

And even more impressively, it took him only one hand.

The cast — even Jordan’s sworn enemy Paulie — couldn’t help but watch in awe and admiration of Jordan’s performance.

“As much as I want Jordan out of this game, I gotta give credit to him because you just beat someone who physically was supposed to beat you,” Paulie said. “He’s good. I wanna run against him.”

CT's take? "This is the most impressive elimination win I've ever seen."

And if things keep going the way they’re going, Paulie will, indeed, have the chance. Jordan’s win over Josh was the fourth straight elimination round in which either he or Tori were forced to compete, and, in those weeks, the power couple has sent home three of the game’s strongest players: Theo, Jenny and Georgia. Plus, though this is Jordan and Tori’s first time fighting in a game as an official couple, they both boast impressive individual resumes: Jordan’s got two Challenge wins under his belt in five seasons, boasts a 7-1 elimination record (his only loss is to Johnny Bananas) and has made three out of four possible finals.

Tori, on the other hand, took the Challenge world by storm when she made the final mission as a longshot Dirty XXX rookie (it was the game during which she and Jordan fell in love…aww). Elsewhere, Tori is 3-1 in elimination rounds across two previous seasons (she only lost once because of her partner Derrick’s error in Final Reckoning) and, oh yeah, she knocked out an Olympic gold medalist, Shawn Johnson, in Champs vs. Stars.

Still, across 34 Challenge seasons, there have been some pretty tough couples. Who could forget when sacrificial lambs Frank and Jillian found themselves in essentially the same position on Gauntlet III and had to fight tooth and nail through a series of eliminations to survive? And are Tori and Jordan sincerely stronger than Diem and CT in their Duel heyday, Tori and Brad in their Cutthroat prime or — of course more recently — Paulie and Cara Maria?

What do you think — are Tori and Jordan ready to assume the title of strongest Challenge couple ever, and is the final mission theirs for the taking? Or is there another duo from a previous season that you think has still got ‘em beat? Share your thoughts, and see if these two can survive the game’s next round Wednesday at 9/8c!