'This Wasn't My Fault': Joss Sounds Off On His Unlucky War Of The Worlds 2 Finish

The 'Challenge' competitor was purged from the game -- along with his ex Kayleigh

Joss was hoping to redeem himself on War of the Worlds 2 after a disappointing final showing during his last Challenge appearance (he and partner Sylvia lost the grand prize by less than two minutes on Final Reckoning). But unfortunately for the Team UK member, his unlucky Challenge streak continued -- and he was ousted during a Purge competition along with his ex Kayleigh.

"I'm in shock. How are we as slow as Kam?" Joss asked in a confessional interview.

But then the same tears viewers witnessed during Season 32 re-appeared.

"All the f*cking best players on our team saw elimination -- Theo, me, Jenny, Georgia. I would have loved to swim with Jenny or Georgia," he added, while sobbing.

And speaking of Final Reckoning, which outcome was more difficult to swallow?

"I'd say this one, because this wasn't my fault at all, whereas last time, I put my trust in someone else and then they f*cked me over," Joss recently told MTV News, alluding to that heartbreaking grenade during the last leg of the competition. "Paulie swore on his family's life, and then this one, I went home because of an ex-girlfriend."

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