'Hot Mess And Hard To Look At': What Did The Jersey Shore Cast Choose As Its Craziest 'Spiral' Ever?

There have been plenty of messy moments in the past 10 years, but one stands out above (or below) the rest

No hurricane or seasonal storm could compare to the havoc the Jersey Shore cast wrought on Seaside Heights and beyond over the past 10 years. But which downward spiral stands out above the rest across a decade’s worth of devastation?

Let’s ask the cast members.

On the Jersey Shore: 10 Year Anniversary Special, and between looks back at the wildest hookups and most jaw-dropping fights, eight of the cast’s nine housemates fondly recalled a certain type of partying-gone-haywire: THE SPIRAL. Described by Deena as “getting drunk and continuing the party…hot mess and hard to look at,” spiraling usually extends across a number of hours or days, routinely includes several shots with strangers and — on more than one occasion — amounts to police or public intervention.

And if there’s one spiral that spiraled more surely than the rest, it involved Deena and Snooki, enough liquor to give a small army the spins and a particularly noticeable lack of undergarments.

Yes, while Ronnie and Snooki’s Tequila Sunrise and Angelina’s Initiation Day were certainly contenders for Best Spiral, it was The Meatballs’ marathon of vacation-drinking in Italy — during which Deena literally danced her underwear off — that still registers with the housemates as the worst (or best, perhaps) spiral.

“This is probably my worst spiral ever, in my life,” Deena says in the clip above as she reflects back on her day of mayhem, which first aired on Jersey Shore Season 4 in 2011.

The spiral began with Snooki and Deena dance-battling at a daytime bar, careening into ornamental shrubbery and, eventually, face-planting only the way a seasoned Meatball can.

“The Meatballs in Italy were a whole other beast, bro -- there’s something in the alcohol,” Pauly says in the clip above, while Vinny observes: “They drank every day. They didn’t even sleep, I don’t think.”

Still, Snooki’s got no regrets about the day of chaos, which could have very well ended with an unfortunate trip to the American embassy.

“Me and Deena spiraling that day, we just had so much fun. We were just being idiots. We didn’t care what we looked like,” Snooki says. “The best girl time ever.”

Oh, and as for that lack of underwear, Snooki insists Dee should stand proud of her choice.

“Back then, I always wore underwear, but Deena, she forgot that night,” Nicole says. “It’s okay.”

Did you catch the Jersey Shore anniversary special, and do you agree with the cast’s verdict? Share your thoughts, and be sure to sound off on your favorite Shore spiral in the comments.