'Return Of The Situation': Mike Is Finally Free In This Jersey Shore Sneak Peek

See his very first moments post-release

Mike sadly missed many Jersey Shore: Family Vacation memories while he was in jail -- and unfortunately for Sitch, he was not granted an early release (waahhhhh) in this week's season finale.

But in a sneak peek at what's to come, when the series continues in 2020, it's officially "the return of The Situation."

"I'm picking up my husband," Lauren states in the clip above, as she comes one step closer to being reunited with her longtime love. Yes, Mike is about to "return leading the pack."

What are Sitch's first words post-release? And what's in store for the other members of this unique family? Check out the clip, and stay with MTV News for all updates before the arrival of new BDS episodes!