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Harry Styles Officially Announces Sophomore LP 'Fine Line' After Teasing 'Something' On Twitter

It's happening

Harry Styles set Twitter ablaze on Sunday (November 3) with a single tweet that hinted that something was coming, though he didn't reveal what. Now, fans finally have some answers. The singer took to social media today (November 4) to announce the title and release date of his sophomore LP, and we're thrilled to relay the exciting news that Fine Line will be out on December 13.

"FINE LINE . THE ALBUM . DEC 13," Styles wrote alongside a photo of the album art, which features Styles looking fashionable as ever in a magenta blouse and white, high-waisted dress pants. Prior to the official announcement, all fans had to work with was a cryptic tweet posted by Styles that linked to a website fans first became familiar with prior to the release of his latest single, "Lights Up." The site was formerly a random compliment generator, but instead of dishing out compliments, it began showing fans an alternate message. "YOU ARE PATIENTLY WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN," it read. "TPWK. LOVE, H."

Styles could've been teasing anything, and now that we know it's an album, we couldn't be more stoked. He spoke about the project previously in his Rolling Stone cover story from September, calling it his "toughest" and "most soulful" LP yet. And if the album news isn't exciting enough, just last week he revealed to Capital FM that he wants to tour "next year, maybe, potentially," adding that he hasn't "announced that yet."

Following Styles's mysterious tweet from yesterday, fans took to Twitter in droves with their own theories about what it was that they were "patiently waiting for." And yes, many of them did guess an album. See?

Others, however, were a bit more convinced that Styles was hinting at a new single called "Watermelon Sugar" or a 2020 tour.

We have to admit, the fans came up with some pretty great theories. But now that we know it's a full-length album, we have to say that all that "waiting for something to happen" really paid off.