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Kanye West Gets Closer To The Skies In 'Airpool Karaoke' With James Corden

Kanye brought the Sunday Service choir to perform 'Jesus Walks' and more

Kanye West joined James Corden for a special edition of Carpool Karaoke that took place on an airplane; naturally, it was called Airpool Karaoke. The rapper and producer brought the church to their flight, also delving into a discussion about his new album Jesus Is King and how years in marriage are much longer than regular human ones.

Add in a spectacular choir and you have the recipe for a truly unique Carpool Karaoke experience, not just because it's, you know, on a plane. The sacred vibes are out of this world.

It starts with Corden's plane, Flight 808 (this is the perfect opportunity to slowly stare at the camera like Jim from The Office) to Los Angeles, being canceled. He calls Kanye to see if he can catch a ride with him, to which Kanye happily obliges. Corden joins him on a crowded plane of unassuming people who don't seem to notice that a grinning Kanye is sitting directly in the midst of them. It's soon revealed that this group of people is Kanye's Sunday Service choir, who join him in preaching the gospel through music and, led by choir leader Jason White, they sing a number of gospel-themed selections and one of Kanye's biggest songs.

That particular tune is "Jesus Walks," and Kanye delivers it via an exciting and emotional performance. He rocks in his chair back and forth and matches the choir's intense live chants, fueling him to louder and greater heights throughout the show. Elsewhere, the choir performs rousing selections, with one of the biggest being a hallowed rendition of Ginuwine's "So Anxious." It transmutes the soulful energy of Ginuwine's R&B classic into something holy, powerful, and awesome — so much so that Kanye couldn't stop grinning throughout the rendition.

Between these holy performances, Kanye had a great discussion about Jesus Is King, starting with the Sunday Service events that preceded the album's rollout. "It's something that I felt like I needed to do that God put on my heart and now he keeps taking me to new levels and taking us to new levels that we didn't imagine before," he said, referring to the accompanying choir.

Kanye also talked a bit about marriage, saying that God is using him to "show off" how cool it is. He also says that years in marriage are a lot longer than regular ones and makes a cool note to Corden: He wants seven kids. "The richest thing you can have is as many kids as possible," he says.

Watch the nearly 20-minute special edition of Carpool Karaoke up and get into the holy spirit up above.