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Chance The Rapper Needs A Mohawk To Go With His Fake-Answered Voicemail In 'Hot Shower'

DaBaby and MadeInTYO also have a crazy time in this wild visual

Chance The Rapper has released the huge new video for "Hot Shower" that proves one thing: He has one of the worst voicemail messages of all time. It features MadeinTYO and DaBaby and goes all over the United States in the span of six minutes. There's even a weird subplot that involves a slick-talking lawyer attempting to get Chance on the phone to get a loan but, sadly, things don't go the way that he wants. Sucks for him!

The video starts off with a confrontation. A lawyer is in trouble because he owes money to the kind of people that you don't want to be owing money to. Three men in suits break into the lawyer's office and threaten him with brass knuckles. So what does the lawyer decide to do? Claim that Chance is a client of his and that he can get the money from him, naturally. After the lawyer calls him and gets no answer, we're whisked away to what exactly Chance is doing. Turns out, he's having way too much fun to even think about picking up the phone.

Chance, for starters, is showering inside of a gym. He's practically doing the Carlton dance with ginormous dumbbells. He's teaching an aerobics class. Everywhere you look in this fitness facility, Chance is there, bringing his goofball charm through smirks and hilarious dance movements. After tiring himself out, he goes to Kel Mitchell's Good Burger restaurant, where Mitchell sneezes on his food. Instead of being mad, Chance dances, like everyone else, and has a hell of a time.

MadeinTYO is nowhere nearby. Instead, he's on the racetrack with a group of dancing women, doing donuts in speeding cars and enjoying the sun. DaBaby, however, is in the courtroom. He's watching women dance and trying to influence the jury who are excited that he's there. Chance is there, of course. He's tossing important legal papers in the air and doing his best to keep up with the dancing ladies around him.

Everyone looks so amped that they make Chance forget about the lawyer who mistakingly things that Chance did pick up the phone. It turns out though that, instead, Chance's answering machine message is a fake to make you think that he has picked up the phone. This leaves the lawyer in a pretty bad situation.

Last weekend (October 26), Chance was both the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live. He performed "Zanies And Fools" and "Handsome" with Megan Thee Stallion.

Watch Chance's huge video for "Hot Shower" up above.