'That's Just Who She Is': Will Angelina's 'Drama' Resurface (Like Snooki Suspects) On Jersey Shore?

Everyone's finally getting along, but the meatball is worried it won't last

The threat of broken wine bottles at the dinner table became a distant memory on tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation as the dust finally settled over the gang's latest drama.

After Angelina and JWOWW practically threw down (and one meatball stormed off into Jersey), the former opted to break the tension once and for all.

"Last night was not the sit-down I ever envisioned," Angelina said of the family dinner gone bad. "Everything turned so bad and so ugly so fast. There are a lot of things that are not settled yet, and I do feel like I have to resolve this."

The longtime frenemies quickly cleared the air about what really happened (or what didn't) that night in Vegas between the dirty little hamster and Jenni's boy toy -- and most importantly, sincere apologies were made, and the girls hugged it out.

"I appreciate the fact that she's trying to, like, olive branch it," JWOWW said. "I'm tired of fighting with her all the time. She's sorry, and I'm sorry, and I'm ready to move on."

But the Staten Island native wasn't done. Upon Snooki's return to the shore house, Angelina had a private talk with the meatball mama of three, during which the duo concluded that they're "like the same person but different."

"I mean, I'm f*cking over the me and Angelina drama. I'm so glad we had our talk -- I feel like we're good," Snooki shared, also noting she's not so sure how long her roommate's "new leaf" will last. "Angelina surrounds herself with drama, that's just who she is. So we'll see."

Following the much-needed heart-to-hearts, the family vacation fun ensued, where expletive-laced rants were replaced with roller coasters and boardwalk games. And the best part? They could all laugh at themselves -- and it turned out that Angelina does have a nipple piercing.

"Finally, there's no weird tension. No drama. Just good old family fun, just like old times," Pauly D said. "We were damn near at each other's throats the other night, and right now, we're laughing about it. Only family can do that, not friends."

But will the Jersey Shore calm last? Or will Angelina's "drama" return, just as Snooki suspects? Comment with your thoughts, then catch the season finale next Thursday at 8/7c.