Has The Latest Challenge Turncoat Totally Changed The Game For Team U.K.?

By following in Tori’s footsteps, Jordan may have given the Brits hope

For a few weeks now, it’s seemed like the writing has been on the wall for Team U.K. on War of the Worlds 2 — though they’ve got some strong players and are committed to fighting for queen and country, their Challenge wins have been few and far between. Weekly, players admit they’re close to giving up.

But on this week’s episode, and following Tori’s bold move to switch from Team U.S. to Team U.K. after defeating Georgia on the Proving Ground, the Brits recruited yet another American defector. And his addition to the infantry might be just enough to give the Limeys a fighting chance.

As Cara’s Cult took a commanding lead over both teams with a cross-country alliance, Jordan found himself on a shrinking island. With a guys’ elimination week looming, he knew a trip to the Proving Ground was likely imminent. Though Jordan had been been — even by his enemy Paulie’s admission — one of the strongest players in the game, he ultimately amounted to a roadblock for Cara and Paulie to assume complete dominance, and the Power Couple claimed getting Jordan off their team would make them a stronger unit.

And after the Americans claimed yet another victory in “Temple Wall Traverse,” a game that challenged players to deliver tiles to assigned locations across six suspended climbing walls (all while the opposing team attempted to knock them off…easy!), Jordan got mounting evidence that his days in the safe zone were numbered. Though he was one of the top performers of the day, Paulie commandeered the Tribunal assignment, and by making Cara one of his two fellow title-holders, Jordan knew he was in deep trouble.

“I’m not a number. I’m not gonna do what they say, so I’m probably going in,” he lamented. “There’s a massive alliance, and then there’s [Tori and me]. My only shot at being safe in anything is becoming a Turncoat and if it is gonna be me…I get to rejoin my girl.”

Unfortunately for Jordan, his fears would soon be confirmed as, on the Proving Ground — and though Cara had previously vowed to never nominate another one of her team members into an elimination round — Cara and Paulie both voted for Jordan to square off against Theo, who’d been voted into his fourth elimination round by his team (Theo, like Jordan, played the unfortunate role of team outsider).

“Cara is completely manipulating Paulie into thinking Jordan’s the biggest assh***,” Tori said as she watched her boyfriend descend down the stairs to the pit. “But if you’re gonna say Jordan’s name, you better pray to God Jordan doesn’t come back.”

Sadly for Cara and Paulie, any potential prayers fell on deaf ears, as Jordan smoked previous Elimination King Theo in “Under the Hammer,” which challenged players to each use a sledgehammer to drive down a series of 12 railroad spikes into lightbulbs. Jordan, smaller and lighter than Theo, was nevertheless used to wielding construction tools, and his resolve and steady strikes helped to push him through to an unlikely victory.

So how did he celebrate (YOU KNOW, AFTER PROPOSING TO TORI, WHO SAID YES?!)? He switched teams, breathed new life into Team U.K. and vowed to beat his previous teammates by any means necessary.

“For the rest of the game, I would love nothing more than to ruin Paulie and Cara’s chances of winning the final,” he said. “These miserable people do not deserve a cent of that final money.”

And, considering who’s left on the Brits’ side of the game, Jordan and Tori might just be able to pull off an unlikely, come-from-behind victory. Though Kayleigh’s a bit of a wild card, and Dee’s fears can sometimes get the best of her, Joss, Rogan and Jenny have proven to be reliably tough competitors, and CT, who’s been with Team U.K. from the beginning, is one of the game’s greatest.

“We are gonna crush [The Americans],” Tori insisted.

So did we just see the tides finally — and completely — turn? What do you think — will Jordan and Tori’s placement on Team U.K. turn things around, and could this team finally be in fighting shape? Or are their hopes of victory still far-fetched, and are they still outmatched by the Americans? Share your thoughts, and see how the game’s next step shakes out Wednesday at 9/8c!