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Yes, Kiernan Shipka Makes Sims 4 Characters Based On Her Friends, Too

'Sometimes you just want to shut off your brain and do something else when you're working so hard'

Kiernan Shipka is just like you. She's a huge fan of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, she loves John Green novels, and she loves playing The Sims 4.

Speaking to Seventeen in a recent interview about her Halloween plans and the next season of Sabrina, Shipka revealed that she's an avid Sims 4 player and actually spends time in-game between scenes to help her relax and unwind.

"Because our schedule is so intense and because I have so many lines and I'm learning spells, I'm learning Latin, the job is very physical — all these kinds of things, sometimes, you do just want a bit of an escape," she explained.

"Honestly, there's a point in which sometimes you just want to shut off your brain and do something else when you're working so hard, but you also want something that's fun and creative and interesting and smart at the same time and this game feels like exactly that." Many of us have been known to "shut off" our brains to make entire casts of people we know in-game when it comes to The Sims, too. Oh yeah – Kiernan does that, too.

"I made my Kiernan avatar and I also made my dog my familiar avatar, Frankie, which was more exciting that mine," she said of her experience with the game. "Just the fact that my dog can be a Sim was one the most exciting things I think that's every happened to me in my entire life." She's excited for jumping into the Realm of Magic pack though, because it's basically her chance to star in "her own show," Once I get to playing the new pack, I will definitely be creating some of my friends. That's part of the fun!"

See? You have more in common with the star than you may have initially thought. But real talk – who do you think she's made in-game so far?