At War: Is Nany’s Challenge Friendship With Leroy Finished?

The 'Real World' alums' bond seems to be broken

Challenge vets Nany and Leroy hit a stroke of luck (Sin City puns!) when they forged a genuine friendship way back on 2011’s Real World: Las Vegas. Since then, and across a number of Challenge outings, they’ve managed to do the typically impossible and keep that bond alive — drama across Rivals II, Free Agents, Battle of the Exes II, Battle of the Bloodlines, Rivals III and War of the Worlds has never been quite enough to tear them apart.

Finally, though, it looks like the game has gotten into their heads, and for the first time, their years-long friendship looks in danger of fracturing.

On tonight’s War of the Worlds 2 episode, Leroy, one of the game’s remaining lone wolves, realized that with a shrinking cast, he had to finally cast allegiance to one of two intra-team alliances — he’d either ride with Cara Maria, Paulie, Ashley and the rest of “Cara’s Cult,” as Georgia so eloquently put it, or Tori, Jordan, Zach, Nany and a less calculated bunch.

And while the latter included Leroy’s partner-in-crime, Nany, the former had the numbers to continue to control the game. So, in an effort to spare himself potential elimination, Leroy did the unlikely and finally joined Cara’s cult.

“I need to align myself with the strongest numbers, and right now, Paulie has the strongest numbers,” Lee said. “I’m just gonna ride it out until the wheels fall off.”

Sadly, they came off almost instantly. After the dust had settled at the next challenge “Incoming,” a combination of musical chairs and mud-wrestling, the Brits pulled off their first win in ages, bringing the Americans to their knees for the first time in a while. And in the hours leading up to the Tribunal vote, in which the members of Team U.S. would have to vote one of their own players to the Proving Ground, Nany finally got proof that she and Lee were officially working against each other.

Since Cara’s Cult still had the power of numbers, Tori was very sure she — the competing alliance’s most powerful woman — would be the Americans’ target. But the unexpected variable came when Tori said she’d like to vote in Ninja — a member of Cara’s cult — and Leroy told Nany he had no intention of complying.

“I’ve known Leroy forever — he’s my friend and he’s someone I can rely on in this game,” Nany said. “It definitely would hurt my feelings a lot if this game came between mine and Leroy’s friendship.”

But, almost as if she were a soothsayer, Nany put the dynamic into motion. When Leroy voted for Tori at the eventual Tribunal meeting, a move that actively worked against Nany’s alliance, Nany felt let down. She proceeded to criticize Leroy for casting his vote for one of the team’s strongest players, and Leroy got so defensive, he stood on his seat and screamed.

“I’m so done with you,” Nany said in retaliation. “F*ck you, Leroy.”

And the eruption spilled over into the house once the cast returned. Leroy — without any provocation — went out of his way to point Nany out as one of the weakest runners on the team during an argument with Jordan. And it was then that Nany realized how far her friendship with Leroy had fallen.

“This game has come between my relationship with Leroy,” Nany said, holding back tears. “I spend no time with him at all.”

And it looks like things could get even worse. So is this Challenge friendship on the brink of disaster, or is there a chance these two could recover their previously unshakable bond? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to the next War of the Worlds 2 episode Wednesday at 9/8c!