Paulie Vs. Theo: This Might Be the Oddest Altercation in Challenge History

At the very least, it was uber entertaining

Move aside, Jemmye and that infamous Mortuusequusphobia mayhem: There may be a new contender for strangest Challenge argument yet.

On this week’s episode of War of the Worlds 2, which — once again — found the Americans claiming victory over the Brits in “Under Siege” (poor Union Jack), a war broke out off of the battlefield that left most of the remaining contestants stunned and, in Ashley’s case, so overcome with laughter she could barely achieve a full breath.

After a few drinks at the competitors’ house, Theo, who’d been stressed about his multiple team losses and trips to the Proving Ground, began to grow tired of Paulie, whom he saw as a gloater with little to show for his constant reveling. Theo, who admitted he enjoyed getting a rise out of Paulie, began to throw a few barbs at the Big Brother alum until the two heavy-hitters came close (and we mean reaaaaaally close) to blows.

“There’s not many things that make me happy in this place, but winding Paulie up gives me so much joy,” Theo said. “If you’re not with me, you’re one-hundred percent against me.”

Cara Maria and Ninja Natalie watched on, sensing Theo was headed down a dangerous road (he began taunting Paulie for his vitriolic past with Kyle), but Theo wouldn’t relent, and soon, the guys were in each other’s faces.

They were so close, in fact, that at one or two points, they appeared to brush lips, bringing humor to the battle that seemed to strip it of its intensity. Even after security broke up Theo and Paulie on multiple occasions, the guys managed to wind up, round after round, lip-to-lip.

“You wanna start getting weird, I can start getting weirder,” Theo said.

And he made good on his promise — Theo and Paulie continued to bob at each other like birds at feeders.

“Kiss again!” Georgia shouted while watching the lunacy from the pool, while Ashley cheered.

“I don’t think it’s right for security to break up true love,” she said through hysterical chuckles. “Oh, my god, what is wrong with these people? What am I doing in a house with these people? Lord, I should have finished college.”

Jokes aside, Paulie came away from the scuffle convinced he was in the right.

“This is The Challenge house — this is where liars and cheaters and manipulators come to play,” he said.

And play, he and Theo certainly did — right into the annals of Challenge infamy.

What do you think — is this the strangest Challenge argument yet, or are there still a few others that might have it beat? Share your thoughts, then be sure to tune in to the next War of the Worlds 2 episode Wednesday at 9/8c!