YouTube/Charli XCX

Charli XCX Makes The Coolest Faces In Front Of Exploding Cars In 'White Mercedes'

It doesn't have to make sense when it's this awesome

Charli XCX has a thing for the crumple of car bumpers and fresh gasoline-tinged fingertips in her new video for "White Mercedes." That's a fancy way of saying that she really loves cars. Really into them, but we already knew that. Over the course of three minutes, she shows off some vehicular carnage in what looks like the most fun shooting a video in quite some time.

"White Mercedes" is sweet and serene, so it makes sense that the video is the exact opposite. It starts with Charli suspended inside of a white car in mid-air, the blood rushing to her brain. Then she switches it up and stands on the top of the speeding truck that's flattening grass in the field. Later on, she's back on top of her car, watching fireworks explode in the air. The video ends with her car exploding and her looking at the camera in the most badass expression possible. It isn't designed to make sense. Just look at how damn cool this exploding car is.

"White Mercedes" appears on Charli XCX's recently released self-titled album. Last month, she released a video full of jet-skiing fun with "2099."

Watch the video for "White Mercedes" below.