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14 K-pop Songs That Will Help You Channel Balanced Libra's Airy Magic This Season

'Tis the astrological season for balance, harmony, and major indecisiveness.

By Tássia Assis

As the leaves turn orange and the days become shorter, the winds of a new Zodiacal season start to blow. Virgo’s relentless grind was swept away by the graceful sign of Libra, giving our routines a much needed breather.

Symbolized by the scales, Libra is the sign of harmony, beauty, partnership, and fairness. As the social butterflies of the Zodiac, natives of this sign are charming, romantic, and surrounded by friends everywhere they go. They appreciate everything that is visually pleasing, and have a keen eye for style and decoration.

However, Libras are most famous for their indecisiveness. Because they are always trying to even the scales, making choices becomes a herculean task. Add this to their intrinsic dislike of conflict (the disharmony!), and you have a recipe for wishy-washy melodrama and denial of one’s own needs.

Overall, this season invites us to even the scales and seek balance in our daily lives. It’s a time to connect with loved ones, socialize, and flow from here to there draped in this sign’s innate sophistication. And if you feel indecision tugging at your strings, let this carefully curated K-pop playlist inspire you with Libra's airy magic:

(Lyrics via Color Coded Lyrics and Genius)

  1. IZ*ONE, "La Vie en Rose"

    IZ*ONE's debut track "La Vie en Rose" can be defined in one word: refinement. From the lush instrumentals to the ethereal vocals, it’s a minimalistic effort that encompasses Libra qualities thoroughly. Harmony, balance, and beauty translate into intricate choreography and a visual palette of white, blue and red. Creating their own la vie en rose is an important task for Libras, and as a group where a third of its members are natives of this sign (Eunbi, Yena, Hitomi, and Yuri), this alluring energy becomes even more powerful.

    Biggest mood: "If you’re being pulled, be pulled / Right now / I don’t wanna make it blue / Create your la vie en rose."

  2. Monsta X, "Beautiful"

    Monsta X’s main rapper Joohoney may fire intimidating raps in the group’s hard-hitting discography, but one flash of his dimpled smile gives away his balanced, soft Libra core. "Beautiful," the group’s first single from 2017, explores that same harmonious duality by mixing heavy sounds with an airy chorus, and comparing love to a thorned flower. Symbolic objects abound in this stunning music video, where each member of the group is locked inside a lavish prison cell and left to deal with their own demons. Joohoney, however, walks freely outside — and ultimately bears Libra’s desire for justice to his bandmates, setting them free.

    Biggest mood: "You’re so beautiful / I can’t take my eyes off you / Like a thorn on a flower / I know I’ll get pricked but I want you."

  3. Heejin (LOONA), "ViViD"

    The first member to be introduced via LOONA's pre-debut project was the lovely Libra, Heejin. Her solo, "ViViD," brings forward the royal elegance of this sign and serves as an ambitious prelude to the LOONAverse. While the music video is reminiscent of Virgo’s affinity for cleaning and organizing, it also reflects Libra’s incessant desire for equilibrium and fondness for aesthetics. In this sassy, jazzy release, Heejin transports us into a Libra’s ideal world — one where balance is just a broom and a luxurious closet away.

    Biggest mood: "Fill me with many colors, red, orange, yellow, green / Something highlight / Surprising changes / All day, I’m laughing / You’re looking at me."

  4. Jimin (BTS), "Serendipity"

    If you want to understand Libra’s inherent sense of harmony and beauty, watch Jimin dance. But that’s not his only talent, as his vocals add a distinct, ethereal color to BTS’s sweeping discography. Jimin also owns a very Libran persona onstage, charming and flirting with multitudes that swoon upon his presence. "Serendipity," his solo track on the EP Love Yourself: Her, is as soft as his features, as soothing as his voice, and as beautiful as his movements. Like a true serendipity, it finds richness in the quiet, therefore achieving Libra’s ultimate desire for peace.

    Biggest mood: "When you called me / I became your flower / As if we were waiting / We bloom until we ache / Maybe it’s the providence of the universe / It just had to be that / You know, I know / You are me, I am you."

  5. Suzy, "Yes No Maybe"

    "Yes? No? Maybe?" echoes the spell inside a Libra’s mind. As part of the scales clan, Suzy’s solo debut takes the sign’s indecisiveness as its prime material. The track presents a sultry, almost hypnotic atmosphere for the singer’s hesitant love affair. The music video, visibly inspired by the work of Wong Kar Wai and old Hong Kong movies, uses color to indicate different moods and even alternate realities. This isn’t just a stunning solution to please Libra’s good taste, but one that also offers the opportunity to try out various options without having to choose any.

    Biggest mood: "Yes no maybe / I don’t know my heart / I try to not see you ever again / But I’m going to you again / Now no more baby."

  6. AB6IX, "Breathe"

    A release called "Breathe" couldn’t be more fit for an air sign like Libra, especially when it also encompasses the sign’s commitment to justice. AB6IX’s debut track isn’t just slick visuals and haughty poses; its lyrics bring forward an encouraging message about breaking free from the pressures of society, while also pointing out the aggravating fine dust pollution in South Korea. And if that wasn’t enough, the music video presents a stunning blend of colors, aesthetic settings, and delicate choreographies to satisfy any Libra’s passion for beauty.

    Biggest mood: "I wanna breathe / Just set me free / The rhythm and beat that will make me breathe / It’s not too late right now / Just jump in and take / My hands and leave."

  7. Girls’ Generation, "All Night"

    Sociable as they are, Libras love an excuse to party and to be reunited with their loved ones. "All Night," released by Girls’ Generation in 2017 to celebrate their 10th anniversary, evokes that mood with nu-disco beats and a nostalgic veneer. Tinsel and glitter adorn the 80s-themed party where the girls dance and genuinely enjoy their time with each other. It’s not just a grand event blessed by Libra’s polished taste, but also a commemoration of their longstanding partnership — and there are few things that matter more to a Libra than this.

    Biggest mood: "When the summer electricity tickles my ear / When the fireworks in your eyes shake / Like a fool, I fall in love with you again / All night, all night, all night."

  8. Super Junior D&E, "Oppa, Oppa"

    Donghae and Eunhyuk are one of K-pop’s most inseparable duos. Donghae is a Libra himself, and his composed nature finds balance in Eunhyuk’s fiery Aries energy. "Oppa, Oppa," the debut single of the subunit, is a goofy, disco-inspired trip that showcases the playful chemistry between them. With boastful lyrics and flirty flairs, "Oppa, Oppa" is pure Libra fun. And to top it all, Shindong — Super Junior’s other Libra native — directed the irreverent music video.

    Biggest mood: "Yes! I’ve got a feeling. Shall we go all night? / Whose heart should I play with tonight? / Hey, won’t you take me to funky town / I’m international, baby, 1, 2, 3, let’s go."

  9. f(x), "Red Light"

    In their last promotion as a quintet, f(x) experimented with a darker sound and a belligerent concept. "Red Light," as its name suggests, is built upon a jarring structure and militaristic, alarming beats. This dangerous atmosphere is anchored further in the music video, who uses symbolic props like burning books and black cats to indicate a wicked revolution on its way. The lyrics warn of the dangers of following rules without questioning — later revealed to be a criticism of the Sewol ferry disaster — and that’s where the track embodies its utmost Libra energy. Natives of this sign might not be the most combative ones, but they aren't afraid to speak up their minds and fight for justice.

    Biggest mood: "Open your eyes wide / Stop the collision from happening / You’re going to be a witness to change / In front of that caterpillar that got pushed around / When everything sinks."

  10. EXO, "Unfair"

    If there’s one thing Libras can’t stand, it’s unfairness. But EXO’s take on the matter with the 2015 b-side "Unfair" is arguably a light one, as the lyrics complain about their romantic interest’s unfair beauty. Off their winter album Sing For Me, the track’s cozy, Christmas-y melodies bring warmth to the heart, and help to make peace with the fact that life can’t always be absolutely fair. And that’s fine.

    Biggest mood: "You’re unfair / Are you being selfish? (stop it) / Your eyes, your nose, your lips / No matter how much I look, will they be pretty? / You’re unfair / Just stop right there / You’re dangerous, dangerous, / Take it slow."

  11. Lay, "What U Need"

    While presenting on the Chinese reality show Idol Producer, Lay's frequent use of the word "balance" became a meme. However, upon realizing he is a Libra, this statement couldn’t be more on brand. Lay is a multi-talented professional, juggling production, writing, singing, dancing, and acting with a rare finesse. His work radiates beauty and integrity, and his solo debut "What U Need" is a prime example of that. The track’s strongest feature is its laid-back vibe. With that, Lay is able to enjoy a very Libran performance, having a good time with his dance crew in the video and flirting cheekily in the lyrics.

    Biggest mood: "The blurred midnight stimulating danger / The red wine cup late at night / There’s nothing that can compare / To your fragrant scent."

  12. KARD, "Bomb Bomb"

    KARD holds Libra energy in its essence. Not only they are formed by a symmetrical ensemble of two men and two women, but members BM and Jiwoo are Libras themselves. With harmony and balance as hallmarks, they take the opportunity to explore masculine and feminine sides in a variety of concepts. 2019’s single "Bomb Bomb," for example, sees KARD going hard and heavy in a swag-infused party track. The opulent music video also explores Libra’s affinity for the beautiful and the good, and the overall product is a flaunting palette of lust and luxury.

    Biggest mood: "We already know / This night won’t last forever / But till the morning comes / Let’s not waste time / Make it burn, make it burn."

  13. (G)-IDLE, "Senorita"

    "Senorita" is a bold single choice for a recently debuted group like (G)-IDLE. Its minimalistic, clever production steers away from conventional structures, letting tango influences and Latin horns take the lead. Such aspects are translated to the music video, where the girls walk around dangerous scenarios unscathed, never meeting with the mysterious "señor" of the lyrics. Sponsored by K-beauty brand Kaja, the message of this release is focused on maintaining Libra levels of beauty and balance — no matter what goes on around you. And with their carefree expressions and stunning visuals, (G)-IDLE nails that concept right away.

    Biggest mood: "Come closer to me / Hug me tight / I want to know about you / I fell in love with you / I don’t know, it is true / I just love you so, love you so, love you so."

  14. Key, "One of Those Nights (Feat. Crush)"

    Key was born on the cusp between Virgo and Libra, and knowing which one is his sun sign would demand his exact birth time. While that information isn’t available, he certainly holds quite a few Libra traits: his symmetric, sculpted features; his bubbly personality and plentiful friends; a flamboyant sense of style and manners. Key is a spectacle on his own, but his solo work diverges from what would normally be expected from him. In "One of Those Nights," released last year, we are invited to a more vulnerable side of his extravagant personality. Longing for an ex-lover, Key sings and dances through places where they built memories. While the overall atmosphere is chill and dreamy, the melody retains an uplifting momentum. This propulsion reminds us that life doesn’t stop, and we’re better doing it like a Libra: dancing in the rain instead of just sulking in a corner.

    Biggest mood: Night deepens, there’s nowhere to go with my heart / I can’t pretend to be strong anymore / I can’t be in this space where you left me / I can’t pretend to be strong anymore."