Exclusive Interview: Did Cara Maria Regret Her War Of The Worlds 2 Vote Against Theo?

Plus, find out what he thought of her 'Challenge' decision

Cara Maria and Theo were a strong duo during War of the Worlds: As partners, the two-time Challenge champ and Love Island vet found themselves in the Tribunal four times and never saw an elimination as teammates (or individuals). But on War of the Worlds 2, the pair is on opposite sides of the pond teams -- and during this week's episode, Cara voted in her former teammate.

"It's sh*tty to have to say his name, but I know he's the best and we gotta go with the best," Cara stated from the Tribunal perch at the Proving Ground.

And even though Theo was able to take down his fellow Brit Kyle in "Running Riot," he had some post-game thoughts about Cara's choice to put him in that vulnerable game play spot.

"Honestly, I was really upset by her decision," he recently revealed to MTV News. "Who you think is the best or not, sometimes your loyalty stays with people you're loyal to. I would have never voted her in, regardless of what my team said and regardless of who you want to see in a final or not. I'm a man of my word, and we kind of have an unspoken bond that we wouldn't do that. Other people I would expect it from, but not with Cara. I'm over it now."

For her part, Cara felt regret.

"I didn't want to [vote for him]," she said. "I really, really like Theo. I respect him as a competitor. He's an animal. I love him, and I hated to do that and it was my hardest vote so far this season. But he was working with a group of people actively working against Paulie, which is actively working against me. So to me, I did feel loyalty to him, but there's nothing I could do when you're playing on a different alliance."

What do you think of Cara's strategy and explanation of the events? And will it affect Theo's thinking in the future? Be sure to keep watching Cara, Theo and the rest of the Challenge competitors every Wednesday on War of the Worlds 2 at 9/8c.