Case (Not) Closed: True Life Crime Is Investigating Real-Life Investigations

The MTV docu-series 'is here to expose the truth'

Every criminal case has a story -- and there's also exposing the truth. And that's where the True Life Crime journey will begin.

The brand-new docuseries, premiering on January 8, will follow award-winning journalist and MTV News host Dometi Pongo as he investigates shocking and haunting crimes committed against young people, daring to ask unanswered questions that expose the truth.

"It's hard for us to mourn and move on or continue to hold out hope," one womam states in the first look above. Others are lending their voices to incidents that they feel deserve to be revisited and garner more attention.

Eight crimes -- and a million new questions. Check out the True Life Crime cases below, and do not miss the series' debut on January 8 at 9/8c (right after a brand-new episode of Catfish).

• Tragic Accident or Calculated Murder? The Kenneka Jenkins Case - Chicago, IL

Hours after going on Facebook live, 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins vanished from a birthday party at a hotel in Chicago. The next day, her body was finally found in a hotel freezer. The investigation incited a firestorm as young people all over the country scoured social media for answers. What happened to Kenneka Jenkins?

• Suicide or Sinister Scheme? The Sarah Stern Case - Neptune, NJ

Police discovered a car belonging to 19-year-old Sarah Stern abandoned on a bridge but she was nowhere to be found. They suspected suicide, but why would she withdraw thousands of dollars before she vanished? Sarah’s ex-classmate goes undercover to reveal the truth and discovers a twist no one could have expected.

• Gang Target or Mistaken Identity? The Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz Case - Bronx, NY

15-year-old Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz leaves home to meet with a friend but ends up brutally murdered. The violent crime is recorded by security cameras and bystanders causing the story to go viral on social media driving a community to seek #JusticeForJunior.

• Runaway or Targeted Runner? The Jerika Binks Case - American Fork, UT

24-year-old Jerika Binks disappeared while out for a jog in a Utah canyon and no one hears from her again. As a recovering addict, did she relapse and runaway or was she another tragic victim of violence against women? A surprising discovery during the investigation changes everything.

• Skipping School or Silenced Forever? The Mujey Dumbuya Case - Grand Rapids, MI

16-year-old Mujey Dumbuya leaves her home to catch the bus for school and vanished. Days later, her body resurfaced in a wooded area 45 miles from her home. The search for her killer reveals a shocking twist that devastates her family, friends and investigators.

• The 5-million-dollar Hack

When 5 million dollars goes missing from dozens of unsuspecting victims, police uncover a massive case of identity theft committed by a 20-year-old hacker in order to bankroll his lifestyle of partying, lavish trips and designer clothing. This case reveals the extreme dangers facing everyone with a phone.

• The Kedarie Johnson Case- Burlington, IA

Shots ring out in the middle of the night and minutes later the body of 16-year-old Kedarie Johnson, a gender fluid teen, is discovered. Was Kedarie a target because of their gender identity or did the teen have a secret connection to the killer? The hunt for answers leads to a shocking discovery.

• Mom Gone Missing: Runaway or Murder Victim? The Hanna Harris Case- Lame Deer/Billings, MT

Hanna Harris, a 21-year-old mother went out to celebrate the Fourth of July with friends, but never returned home. Hours after, police discovered her car abandoned and five days later her body is found in a remote field. What happened to Hanna Harris?