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BTS Promise Fans They're Not Going Anywhere: 'We'll Be Doing The Same Thing In 10 Years'

Don't worry, ARMY!

BTS set the Internet on fire when the group announced that they would be taking an "extended period of rest and relaxation" in August. It's not hard to understand why, either. In the past, such announcements from popular groups would often come before a years-long hiatus, or worse, a breakup. But five weeks later, the K-pop sensation resurfaced. And in a brand new cover story with The Hollywood Reporter, BTS reassured fans that they're here to stay.

"It's not a big deal," Suga said of the group's break, which really was intended for relaxation despite widespread concern that it was the beginning of the end. "It's literally a vacation," he added. RM was also shocked by all the media speculation surrounding their break. "I'm just a young man who likes to watch Stranger Things on Netflix and loves to eat and drink beer," he said. "But I turn on CNN and BBC and they're talking about our vacation. It feels like we're living in a different world."

Breakup rumors aside, BTS have no intention of permanently exiting the spotlight — or at least not anytime soon. They're too busy breaking records, conquering goals, and dreaming of the future, which they hope includes an eventual Grammy win. "When we were presenting [at the Grammys in 2019], we said that 'We will be back!', so hopefully we can keep our words," RM said. "It would be an absolute dream come true. Just thinking about it is thrilling."

Considering BTS's success thus far, a Grammy win doesn't seem completely out of the realm of possibility. Every day, the group strives not only to be good, but to be the best. "We have to consider ourselves not just better [than other K-pop acts], but the best," RM said. "When we're out there on that stage, we're there to conquer. We think we're the ones."

Although being the best 100 percent of the time might sound like a lot of pressure, each member truly enjoys every bit of what they do. "We're not really compelling each other to keep this going," Jimin said. "It's nothing like that. We just have so much fun together singing and dancing that we want it to continue." And according to Suga, it will"As long as our bodies hold up, we'll be doing the same thing in 10 years."

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