Jonas Brothers Played With Mini Instruments In Magical Tiny Desk Debut

They also sung a sweet happy birthday to Joe for his 30th

Stop what you're doing immediately! The Jonas Brothers's debut Tiny Desk Concert performance on NPR Music is now out, and it's everything you could possibly imagine – and possibly more. They performed three massive hits of varying intensities and even gave Joe an awesome impromptu "Happy Birthday" chant with the audience to celebrate his 30th cake day. It's not NPR's Tiny Desk anymore. It's the JoBros's Tiny Desk from this point on.

First up, the Brothers barreled into "Sucker" with the intensity of a train fueled by a mixture of gasoline and Red Bull. Their live vocals shredded as Kevin led the brothers and instrumentalists through the valley. Joe's miniature tambourine was adorable as he whistled and provided backing vocals.

After the tune was over, the trio spoke about their recently released album Happiness Begins that dropped in June. Kevin also elaborated a bit on having two children on tour. "There's a lot of toys around," he said. "I'm just not used to being woken up 6 a.m. every morning after playing a show until midnight."

Next came "I Believe" after a brief countdown from Kevin. The soft number bled with some live jazz sounds, courtesy of the instrumentation. Kevin's guitar sounded more prominent than ever as he got into the groove by his bouncing body as he played. They cranked up the fun with a performance of "Only Human" with a toy drum set and retro instruments that made it funkier than ever. Once the song was complete, a beautiful red velvet cake was brought out to Joe as everyone sang him "Happy Birthday." It ended with him blowing out the candles to, presumably, devour the delicious icing.

Watch the Jonas Brothers's awesome Tiny Desk setup above.