Diplo Gets Ditched By The Jonas Brothers In New 'Lonely' Video

Will they forgive their ultimate troll?

If you guessed that Diplo "hacking" the Jonas Brothers' Instagram account would lead to some kind of music promo... you were absolutely correct. The superstar DJ and the beloved band of brothers have joined forces for a countrified collab, "Lonely," that comes with a goofy, tongue-in-cheek video.

In it, Jonas Brothers hit the studio to record their subtly twangy love song, crooning sweet nothings like, "Wanna ride with you 'til the wheels fall off / 'Til we're running out of road." But what we see onscreen is far from a love story — it centers around the band ignoring Diplo's texts in which he apologizes for live-streaming Joe and Sophie Turner's wedding (which, remember, is a thing that actually happened IRL). But will the guys make amends with their rodeo-loving producer pal? Watch the vid below to find out.

"Lonely" comes on the heels of Diplo taking over JB's socials and becoming the ultimate troll — he took to their IG to post his own thirst traps and roast Nick for breaking up the band, among other hilarious hacker moves. Now that's how you successfully market new music.

As for the collab, it marks the second taste of Diplo's upcoming country album, which he's releasing under his birth name, Thomas Wesley. No word yet on which other artists he's recruited for features, but here's hoping they keep a tight grasp on their IG passwords.