Julia Michaels's 'If You Need Me' Video Is A Rainbow After The Storm

File this under 'inspirational pop' 🌈

Just a month after delivering the dreamy "17," Julia Michaels is back with yet another fresh video. This time, though, it's not another Inner Monologue Part 2 track that's gotten the visual treatment; instead, it's the one-off single "If You Need Me."

The track arrived earlier this month as a piano- and acoustic guitar-driven story of love and commitment, and Michaels takes that theme a step further in the vid. Inspired by the Facebook Watch series Sorry For Your Loss — which stars Elizabeth Olsen as a woman grappling with her husband's death — the vid opens on a group of women who have also experienced loss in their lives. Michaels appears as the song begins, performing in a wood-paneled room that slowly becomes lighter and brighter as she belts her hopeful message: "If you need me, I'll be right there / When you're dreaming all your nightmares," she sings. "I'll be by your side even if I'm not next to you."

The video also includes footage of Michaels personally meeting members of the Sorry For Your Loss community on Facebook. In a statement released along with the video, she opened up about how those women inspired "If You Need Me."

"When I first met Carol [one of the group members], she said those women were a tribe. There are many people out there who are willing to love you, and willing to listen – you just have to find the right people who will do that," she explained. "When I read all the comments around Sorry For Your Loss, about everybody being there for each other, I sort of wanted to write [the song] from that angle. I think that's one of the best parts about songwriting, that I can channel someone's feelings and put them into a song."

Along with inspiring the masses, Michaels is currently taking her Inner Monologue Tour around the globe. She'll return stateside in October, and will hopefully bless us with even more new music soon.