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Diplo 'Hacks' The Jonas Brothers Instagram Account


Let's face it: Most "hacking" incidents on social media are really the result of friends knowing the others' passwords, not an actual "hack."

That's exactly what it looks like the Jonas Brothers' friend, Diplo himself, decided to do with the band's official Instagram account. Apparently he signed on in, helped himself, and started posting away from an impromptu "takeover."

In a now-deleted post, Diplo put it bluntly: "The @jonasbrothers are dorks and I hacked their Instagram #dorkusbrothers" Fair enough. So what did he do? He started posted lots of photos of himself, for one, with some truly side-splitting captions dunking on the JoBros. Take the below image, for example.

"photoshoot with kevin, nick, and joe. follow @diplo," he wrote on a snap of him holding three of his own Grammy awards.

But honestly, seeing Diplo have his unique brand of fun on the JoBros' Instagram account was seriously side-splitting, especially the clip he captioned "Footage of Nick breaking up the band."

But as funny as the takeover was, the brothers themselves started weighing in on the matter.

"WTF @diplo. It was funny for like one post but we've got a show tonight and need the account back..." Kevin commented from his personal Instagram account.

"Seriously call me @diplo this isn't funny," said Nick, with things apparently getting a little spicier.

And while the brothers themselves were getting seemingly annoyed with his actions, Priyanka Chopra herself (one of the amazing J-Sisters and also Nick's wife) let loose some online guffawing at the incident. It really was funny, so no one could blame her.

By the end of it all, though, despite angering a few fans here and there, Diplo gave up the reins to the account back to the JoBros for their show tonight, just in time to show off a new song and video called "Lonely," which features (surprise!) the Jonas Brothers. It's set to premiere at 12 AM ET, and the preview clip is super juicy.

Clever social media stunt or real "hack" aside, it certainly took us on a ride. Thanks, Diplo.