YouTube/Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara Shows Off A Montage Of Sucky Situations In 'Rooting For You'

Disappointing kisses, getting fired, and more inside

How often have you been looking forward to a well-advertised meal from a restaurant, only to get it and it does not look or taste anywhere near as appetizing as you pictured it to be? What about preparing for a scheduled raise only to be laid off by an uncaring boss? Alessia Cara’s new video for “Rooting For You” is about these kinds of bitter disappointments. It’s also a collage of memes and situations designed to make you laugh as she runs her fingers on the growing crack of a relationship destined to split in half eventually. We’ve all been here on occasion.

Alessia Cara is the presence of autumn in “Rooting For You.” Behind her, the oranges on shrubbery signal the changing weather and the slightly grainy tones of the video feel like watching a back-to-school instructional guide from the 1970s. We see Cara in glimpses with disappointment etched and sketched across the lines of her face and she also cedes the spotlight to various situations that call for disappointment. A woman wants to just sink away into a chair forever when she burns some food that she should have used the recipe for. Another woman has a bad hair day and could just rip her mane from the roots of her scalp. There's even a first kiss that surprisingly leads to no sparks flying whatsoever. Yikes. Cara connects these scenes also with dancing cheerleaders who are, literally, rooting for everything. But, alas, it looks like the cheering is in vain.

"Rooting For You," with its cheery, melancholy, and adorably sweet atmosphere, appears on Cara's recently released EP This Summer. The project also includes "Ready" and "October."

Check out Cara's visual ode to could-be-better situations up above.