Katy Perry Brought A Giant Pink Poodle Onstage For Her Ellen Performance

She also teased new music and discussed reconciling with Taylor Swift

Katy Perry's debut television performance of "Small Talk" was anything but small. Or simple.

True to form, KP pulled out all the stops while visiting The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday (September 18), singing her breakup bop in front of a giant, pearl-wearing poodle made of pink balloons. But it was Katy who truly stole the spotlight, thanks to one heck of a blinding ensemble — she wore a glittery mini dress with a giant bow that matched her similarly bedazzled pink microphone. As for the performance itself, Perry and her band gave "Small Talk" a little more "oomph" than on the recorded version, treating the crowd to a sparkly and impeccably sung show.

Prior to her gleaming performance, Perry sat down with DeGeneres to chat about the new single, which she co-wrote with Charlie Puth. She didn't spill any details about her rumored new tune "Harley's in Hawaii," but the singer did explain that she's taking a fresh, casual approach to her music this year, releasing new songs every couple months or so. "I'm just having fun," she said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Perry discussed her engagement to Orlando Bloom, her dog's cameo in the "Small Talk" video, and ending her feud with Taylor Swift. Of the latter subject, Perry said, "I'm all about redemption and forgiveness and for setting an example for those younger people that it could be cool to ask for forgiveness and to confront someone you may have an issue with or problem with and to talk it out." Check out that bit of the interview below.