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Tove Lo Reveals The Power Of New Single 'Sweettalk My Heart' Ahead of Sunshine Kitty

Her fourth album is out on September 20

Although Tove Lo's fourth album, Sunshine Kitty, is out on Friday (September 20), the Swedish pop stalwart is not slowing down releasing new music ahead of it. Just a few weeks ago, she unleashed "Really Don't Like U," a glitzy collab with Kylie Minogue, and we've also heard the clubby "Jacques," the consoling "Glad He's Gone" and the confessional "Bad As the Boys." They're all indicative of a brighter yet still probing album experience, the kind Tove's made her name investing in.

Our latest taste of Sunshine Kitty, though, is a bit rainier. "Sweettalk My Heart" is led by the kind of soft plinks and deep vocal deliveries that might characterize a club banger, but there's a distance and an airiness to the whole thing, like a bassy bop heard from just outside the club. It also sounds like the memory of an aching dance song you heard once, experienced while you're in the middle of a forest.

The power of "Sweettalk My Heart" is palpable, and Tove shed some light on the song's origin on social media.

"It was when I wrote this song I realized my 4th album was in the works," she wrote. "It's very special to me for a lot of reasons I will get into when I see you guys around the world :)." While her tour doesn't kick off properly until February, Sunshine Kitty is here in only a few days.

In July, Tove previewed what to expect from her lighter Sunshine Kitty era in an interview with MTV News. "It's a bit happier, and production-wise, there's a lot of songs on there where the lyrics and the story is more the driving part," she said. "I guess it just means I'm happier."

Listen to "Sweettalk My Heart" above, then watch Tove's MTV News interview below.