Can Paulie And Josh Maintain A War Of The Worlds 2 Truce?

The two battled so fiercely, security had to step in

Paulie and Josh began War of the Worlds 2 as friends -- but after tonight's episode, the Big Brother cohorts are on track to leave the MTV game as foes.

Shortly after Bananas was eliminated by Theo, a peeved Josh vented to Kyle and Zach about Paulie's Tribunal vote for the six-time champion. The move came right after the Final Reckoning bronze medalist made a deal -- handshake and all -- that he "wasn't going to do that" (aka vote in an American).

"He is my friend outside of this game," Josh reflected in an interview, just before tears began to form. "Our friendship is completely messed up, and it does hurt."

Meanwhile, in the other room, a triumphant Paulie told teammate Turbo that his goal was to get rid of traitors. And, at that very moment, Josh entered the room and began to lash out at Paulie from the sidelines about the aforementioned promising gesture.

"How many times did you shake my hand and look me in the eyes? Shut your mouth," Paulie spat at an "emotionally triggered" Josh as he sat on a coach.

That response did not land well -- and Josh charged over to Paulie (standing and shouting over to him, to be exact) as fellow players and security began to swirl around the duo. Paulie called Josh a "little bitch" and demanded he go away, while Josh called him a "p*ssy." But the exchange took a really bad turn when Paulie brought up how "they" (aka Bananas and Laurel) were going to throw Cara into an elimination. Josh screamed "I never turned on Cara" -- and the remark sent Paulie jumping up from his seat, and both men had to be held back by multiple members of security.

The last yell word: "See you when I see you, big boy," Paulie declared post-screams.

The next morning, after both competitors cooled off, Team U.S. met for a huddle, and both guys offered their thoughts. First was Josh.

"I want to see us win. We're strong enough to do it," he claimed. "I'm never going to talk to him. We're not friends. But I can show up to the team -- I want to see all of us make it far."

"And that's all I need," Paulie offered. "I compete every single time. I don't need to f*ck with him."

Can the two keep their word and maintain a ceasefire? Or is another brawl between the passionate players imminent? Sound off, then keep watching War of the Worlds 2 every Wednesday at 9/8c.