Jersey Shore Secrets: Should JWOWW Have Texted Ronnie's Baby Mama On The DL?

Oops, she did it again...

The Jersey Shore family continues to be on Ronpage watch, and JWOWW is determined to get to the root cause. And since Ronnie won't talk, she took matters into her own hands -- by contacting his off-again girlfriend Jen.

On tonight's episode, the Bronx native continued his sulky silent treatment while Vinny the keto guido stripper got ready for his Chippendales appearance. Fueled by a little tequila courage, Jenni sought to find the truth about her roomie.

"I know something's going on with Ron. [He's] spending hours on the phone, acting really weird, and the fact that he just got out of treatment, like, he's such in a sensitive place," she said. "I honestly just want Ron to be real. I don't like being lied to. If he's not going to be honest about it, I'm going to get to the bottom of it."

And get to the bottom of it she did by secretly texting Jen.

"Ron won't talk to me. Jen's my last resort when it comes to Ron," JWOWW continued, adding that she was merely concerned about her roommate's "well-being."

In a self-professed "shady" move, Jenni then invited Ron's baby mama out to the strip club after Vinny's big debut. (Note that this isn't the first time JWOWW reached out to Jen behind his back.)

Jen agreed to show up while Ron remained behind at the hotel -- something Deena dubbed "a bad idea."

"This is insane. Jenni was mad at Ronnie at one point for talking about her divorce and not respecting her," the new mom declared. "She has to work on her double standards."

Just when it seems that Ron and JWOWW are finally on good terms, things are on the verge of blowing up again. Was she right to contact Jen as a way of protecting her friend, or is she unnecessarily adding fuel to the fire? Sound off with your thoughts, then watch the drama play out next Thursday at 8/7c.