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Cole Sprouse Comments On Selena Gomez's Middle School 'Juan Or Cole' Dilemma

'Selena Belongs w/ Cole Sprouse 4-Ever!!!'

When Selena Gomez was in middle school, apparently she had two very important crushes: someone named Juan and Riverdale star Cole Sprouse.

The pop star visited her old middle school for a rush of nostalgia, and as a result she shared a clip of some writing, presumably on the walls, of some hilarious relationship speculation she had scrawled on a white surface, complete with hearts and exclamation points. Hey, it's nothing you didn't do.

"Apparently my heart was very conflicted between Juan and Cole Sprouse when I was 11," she said of a quick clip of her showcasing phrases like "Selena + Juan" and "Selena Belongs w/ Cole Sprouse 4-Ever!!!" written in marker and pen.

Ah, middle school. We probably all have a series of embarrassing proclamations floating around in our notebooks or etched onto binders. Selena probably doesn't remember who Juan is, but Cole Sprouse on the other hand had a funny comment to share with Gomez's snap. Maybe Juan doesn't remember Selena either, though!

"Always Juan-upping me," he replied with a pun, a typical move for the witty actor. Gomez has yet to reply, but it's hilarious that not only did Sprouse see her post, but he took a moment to comment on it as well. Of course, things didn't turn out anything like the young Selena had in mind, as she and Cole aren't dating (and she's not with anyone named Juan). Cole is famously seeing Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart, and after a brief period where no one was quite certain if the pair were still dating or not.

Luckily, Selena has come quite a long way from her days where she'd write her crushes' names on things in middle school, but we're always down for hearing more tales about her time doing so for some more throwback fun.