Brittany Murphy's Husband Died Of Same Causes She Did

Preliminary autopsy results show that Simon Monjack died of severe anemia and acute pneumonia.

In yet another tragic twist in an already bizarre story, autopsy results have revealed that screenwriter [article id="1639838"]Simon Monjack died[/article] of the same causes that killed his late wife, [article id="1628612"]actress Brittany Murphy[/article].

According to E! News, while official autopsy results won't be available for several weeks, preliminary results indicate that, like Murphy, Monjack died of acute pneumonia and severe anemia.

Los Angeles Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter confirmed that Monjack had some legal medications in his system but says that he did not die as a result of a prescription drug overdose or multiple drug intoxication; the drugs in his system were not specified. Winter listed prescription drugs as a contributing factor in Murphy's death on December 20 at the home she shared with her husband and mother, Sharon.

Though [article id="1639889"]Monjack had reportedly been experiencing heart problems[/article] in the weeks before his body was found on May 23 in the home he had shared with Murphy, Winter said heart disease had been ruled out as a contributing factor. Winter reportedly told E! that his office was slated to conduct one more test on Monjack at the request of Murphy's family, but he did not disclose details of what that test entailed. The official autopsy report will be available in two weeks.

Sharon Murphy, who found both bodies, said she hoped Winter's comments would end media speculation about what killed her son-in-law. "As I was sure of, just like my daughter Brittany there was no kind of drug overdose," she said in a statement released through her publicist. "I am calling on the media to stop the reckless innuendos, that my daughter and son-in-law misused any kind of prescription medications."