(Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Vampire Weekend Turned The Lights Out At Colbert

They performed 'Sympathy' from 'Father of the Bride'

Vampire Weekend were the musical guests on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wednesday night (September 11) and gave an awesome performance of "Sympathy" from their latest album, Father of the Bride. It was a psychedelic trip led by Ezra Koenig and his snazzy sandals that washed waves of electric colors over the audience. The band even cut out the lights and let the groove lead audience to sonic salvation.

The performance was made up of four foot-tapping guitarists, a pianist, and two epic drummers. All yielded immense, contagious energy — about halfway through, the lights shut off, transforming the set to dim performance with occasional bright flashing. Koenig's voice came back even stronger after a brief pause, this time with echoes and an even more fiery presence. The performance ended with a slight jump from everyone on stage. Then the lights came back on.

Father of the Bride came out in May. The LP features the previously released singles "This Life," "Sunflower," "Harmony Hall," and "Unbearably White."

Watch Vampire Weekend's Colbert performance up above.