Family Vacation Disappearance: Jen Claims Ronnie Has Gone 'Missing'

And she's contacting -- of all people -- Angelina

Ronnie's ticking-time-bomb status continues to raise several questions on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and according to tonight's episode, Angelina may hold "the secret to the puzzle."

As Vinny geared (and oiled) up for his big stripper Chippendales debut, Ron found himself glued to his phone, raising a series of red Ronpage flags for the roommates -- most notably, Pauly D: "If you were ever curious about the ingredients for a Ronpage, they are: a pissy look in your face, check. Buried in your phone, check. Dishelved hair, check. Storming off for the bathroom, check. That's a ticking time bomb to a Ronpage."

Vinny, who is certain Ron's dark-cloud demeanor centers around some drama with Jen, echoed, "We all had PTSD from our last trip to Vegas with Ron and Jen. He's put us through so much, and again, we sense something is wrong 'cause he's not being the Ron that we know. We'll see what happens, but things could get ugly for sure."

Turns out that the keto guido wasn't far off base, as Jen suddenly messaged Angelina, of all people.

"Jen messaged me on Instagram telling me that Ronnie has been missing for a week. She doesn't know where he is; she hasn't spoken to him. 'Ron went to Cabo, went MIA, been texting me crazy sh*t all hours of the night, blocked me from everything, he just went completely whack,'" Angelina read. "Like, what is really going on right now? I don't know if he's sober or not. I don't know who the f*ck is lying at this point, and I'm very scared."

Jen's SOS call to Angelina further added confusion to the Ron fire.

"To me, it's weird that Ron's baby mama Jen is reaching out to our family, like reaching out to our friends instead of reaching out just to him," Pauly said. "She's going around our back talking to the girls, and sometimes I just wish Ronnie would be honest with us about what's going on."

When JWOWW, never one to mince words, later accused the Bronx native of "angry texting," he blamed it on "work." Said Ron, "All people do is talk about me in this house. I take a sh*t, they talk about it. I jerk off, they talk about it. That's all they do."

Well, as for the former, you do clog your fair share of toilets, Ron. But we digress. Pull up a seat next to Jenni -- who stole Angelina's phone and confirmed that they are indeed "fighting" -- and watch the "sh*t go down" on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next Thursday at 8/7c.