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Charli XCX, Clairo, And Yaeji Apologize Profusely To Lovers For Past Mistakes On 'February 2017'

Yaeji's heart-melting closing vocals end the song on a magical note

Two and a half years ago, Charli XCX broke someone's heart and completely changed the face of their relationship. "February 2017," her new release that features rising bedroom-pop superstar Clairo and Yaeji — who's headlining San Diego's CRSSD Festival at the end of the month — tells the story of this experience and the aftermath and is a unique take on apology as you'll ever hear. Whoever this is for will undoubtedly come around after hearing how sincere it sounds.

"February 2017" sounds like a mystical date beneath the Northern Lights. Its light techno base pulsates softly as it stretches and reforms into something magical and off-centered that could be the soundtrack to the final scene of a romance movie with a happy ending. As the claps come steady and the synths roll, Charli shamelessly admits her regret in ending a relationship that she cherished. She's joined by Clairo who follows each line with her own, bringing a second, wounded voice to the table. "Know I keep on saying I'm alright / But every single night / When I cut off the lights / I feel like crying," the pair sing.

Charli takes the chorus to lay things out completely for the person that she broke emotionally. "Sorry I broke you down / Sorry I tore your heart / I ripped it all apart," she sings, laying it all out so plainly and genuinely. Yaeji glides in for the outro, asking gently in Korean if it's too late to apologize. Her brief closer is the song's brightest moment and most soothing, wrapping up the collective apology from three women who are determined to make right by past emotional blunders.

"February 2017" will appear on Charli XCX's forthcoming album, Charlithat's set to drop on September 13. The LP will also include the previously released singles "1999" with Troye Sivan, "Blame It on Your Love" with Lizzo, "Gone" that features Christine and the Queens, "Cross You Out" with Sky Ferreira," and "Warm" that features HAIM.

Listen to Charli XCX, Clairo, and Yaeji's magical apologies in "February 2017" up above.