Grimes Commands A Legion Of Dancing Ninjas In 'Violence'

Electronic producer i_o handles the pulsating song's beat

Grimes is back with a new single and video, "Violence," that shows the world how much she loves swords, weapons, and the dance of death. Electronic producer i_o orchestrates the dazzling tune that is as Orwellian and haunting as they come as Grimes sings about a parasitic lover who feeds off of her anguish. The accompanying video feels like it takes place outside of time and space as we know it, focusing on human conflict and the instruments of death that aid it.

As the video for "Violence" gets going, Grimes is reading the classic militaristic strategy book, The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. It then cuts to her and an army of women lounging in a heavenly arena, armed with swords. They're admiring the pieces of steel that bring the song's title. Then, they get in formation and cover their faces like ninjas, moving stealthily while retaining their danger and grace. Grimes leads the battalion in a silver, futuristic dress, smiling at the invisible carnage that she's causing. She would get married to brutality if she could.

"Violence" should appear on Grimes' forthcoming album Miss_Anthrop0cene that she's previously said should drop this year. In March, she revealed that the LP will be about a space-dwelling demon that's obsessed with the apocalypse. Creepy stuff.

Watch the sword-loving video for "Violence" up above.